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Got a dirty camera sensor?

Are you afraid to clean it?

Peter Gregg invented the SensorSweep for you!

After having dirt spots on his wedding cameras and not having the time to send them "in to have them cleaned", Peter invented a better and safer way to easily clean your camera sensor yourself!
Get great white balance for your still images.

Get amazing looking video by setting your own color balance to broadcast quality.

A Better White Balance is simple. Take the part that actually does the white balance and that is it! It is a ColorBlender!

None of all the fancy stuff that makes it expensive or bulky.

Just straight to the point, white balance that fits in your pocket.
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Do you have an external flash for your camera? You know, the kind that slides into your hot shoe?

Peter Gregg has invented a line of flash diffusers that are among the best of the best.

They are designed to be extremely light-weight and give out the softest diffused light ever in a very minimal and simplistic form. They are simple to look at, but made by professional die casting equipment.

They have been offered to the public since 2004.

Check them out, you will like them!
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Flash Diffusers
Sensor Cleaner
White Balance
YouTube Channel
A Better White Balance
Version 3.0
Version 2.0
Peter Gregg's SensorSweep - DSLR Sensor Cleaner.
Please Read This: All sales are final – no returns or refunds, used items cannot be returned.

If you change your mind or need to exchange for another size: Unused items may be returned
if in brand new uncreased condition for a refund minus shipping + 15% restock fee or exchange minus shipping within 10 days of purchase.
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Christmas Mugs!!!
Go ahead, click on this - you know you want to :) It's interesting - really!

Peter makes most of his videos from "the Christmas Room". The tree is up all year round in this one room! Peter has specials mugs and more and they all say "I Always Say Merry Christmas" !!!
Peter's Secret
Christmas Mugs!!!
SensorSweep SLR Sensor Cleaner - New 2015 Version!!!