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A Better Bounce Card
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Best White Balance Technology!
Easy Professional Level Results
Basically, A Better White Balance is broadcast quality color balancing in its simplest form.

No fancy cases, globes, or rings and contraptions. All that stuff just swallows up the central critical piece of technology that actually blends all the colors together and tresents them to your camera to get the best color balance setting.

We use ONLY the color diffuser that gives the proper color balance to your sensor. No frills or extras. Plus we use the absolute best technology to blend and diffuse all colors that we have ever found! 

No reason to pay high pricing! Just raise the quality to the highest quality ever color balance for your still and video images. Sometime simple is best!

The "A Better White Balance" is 95mm (3.75 inches). It is perfect for still imaging and also for video imaging.
Use For Video & Stills
A Better White Balance is simple. Take the part that actually does the white balancing and get rid of the rest of the stuff that makes these tools bulky and bulkier in effort to make the marketing material look flashier. The A Better White Balance tool is simple, sleek and works BETTER than most of the other tools at much much higher prices. I got rid of all the fancy stuff that makes it expensive or bulky. Just straight to the point, white balance that fits in your pocket.

Are you giving up quality and accuracy just for simplicity sake? Actually, it is just the opposite. This is the best material I have ever found to give the lovely and easy white balance I have been seeking for years. I have been using this same material in my own work for quite a while now.

The A Better White Balance gives a professional white color balance, VERY high diffusion to blend all the lighting in your environment, and a VERY high translucency. What does this mean in real life?? You can get accurate color balance easier and in darker environments than ever before. It is a very simple tool. And it simply works, and works well!

No compromises, no bulk, no lanyards to hang around your neck, no round bulky globes, no high prices and no high pressure marketing - just a very simple tool that does its job.

The A Better White Balance tool size is good for most lenses up to the 70-200 DSLR size zooms down to point-and-shoot cameras - to Smartphones! I can fit it in my regular shirt pocket for ease of use and the actual size is 95mm, or 3.75 inches. You can check to see if your lenses are in range of the 3.75" before you order.

I discovered the material I use to make the "A Better White Balance" work by being in the right place at the right time. This special tool shreds the light into the smallest particles and allows your camera to white balance much more accurately. The smaller the particles of light, the better they can be blended together to give the camera something very good to create a white balance. it works just as well on still imaging as it does on video imaging. It just simply works to achieve the best white balance possible for skin, landscape, and best of all - for your VIDEOS. YouTube content creators ask me for this white balance tool all the time!!! A Better White Balance Technology is NOT NOT NOT from the photographic industry! It is used heavily in another industry. Yet it gives easy lovely broadcast quality white balance in a heartbeat. It is my secret to getting WOW color balance and use it in my own YouTube videos! I made more, so you can have one too.
A Better White Balance - the easy & accurate way to white balance your images and videos!
A Better White Balance Tool
For Video AND Stills
Large= 95mm/3.75"

Use For Video & Stills
This picture shows a blue protective film on one side and a white protective film on the other side.
Use For Video & Stills