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Peter Gregg, the handsome debonair and young creator of invented A Better Bounce Card (ABBC) when he wanted something better or different than what was available on the market at the time.

Although now that he is 50, he still thinks he is 30 - until he tries to go on the roof to fix a leak or crawl under the house to do something electrical - and then his body clearly reminds him his age which really pisses Peter off.

Peter is a friendly guy who likes his competition to the ABBC unlike some competitors who “hate” their competition and see them as their mortal enemy. There are books written naming the competition of your business as your mortal enemy and stating they should be considered as such. Peter will read a sentence or a paragraph out loud to me from the book and then say stuff like “that is a pure lie straight out of the pits of hell” - too cute.

But in the other hand he will live what he thinks and actually has contacted his competitors by phone, surprising the bejeebeez out of some of them and he tells me they stories (there seems to be millions of stories in his head) as we are driving somewhere. A few have in turn become really good friends with Peter while Peter laughs and says a couple refuse to even return his phone calls even to this day.

Peter lives a life deeply rooted in his Christian beliefs and claims going to church on Sunday and living like the devil Monday thru Saturday isn’t cool so doing that is pretty much a fake a perfect waste of a belief system. His faith is so natural in his daily conversation and comes across as “matter-of-factly” rather than as a pushy person or the “church lady” of SNL and that is a refreshing change of being real verses a walking bible quoter ready to smack you over the head with rules and gotchyas.

Peter is a song writer and sings and enjoys that as one of his greatest personal activities. He often says he wished he could have been a successful song writer as his first choice of career goals. His songs are pretty good and he is (or has) started a Youtube site called “PeterGreggSings”.

Besides being one of the greatest friends a niece could ever have, Pete is a fantastic photographer who constantly takes grandpa’s philosophy of doing your best for the customers and makes the most flattering pictures of a person possible. It ticks Peter off in a big way when he is showing me work from other photographers and we come across a picture of an elderly person being portrayed in a darkened black and white photo making them look older and harsh with age. He says they are young people trapped in an old persons body and are ready to get up and play and enjoy life just like anyone else so reminding them of something they can’t do anymore is just plain mean - then he spits at the computer screen - so cute :)

Peter ogles over cars. He is weird with cars though as he like sports cars like the cars I like, he likes big luxury cars, and he also like the really cool old cars too. He is hunting for a old Cadillac, what I call a “land boat” because he says it was when Detroit had a head on it’s shoulders before they started shooting themselves in the foot and gave the industry away to other countries.

I guess I should mention Peter is fiercely political and other family members call him ultra conservative and that he would tick any liberal thinking person off and put them into frustration in a way that I think is so funny. What I know of politics though doesn’t fit with what I know of Peter as he is profusely compassionate and I remember him loving President Bush and then at the same time calling him all kinds of names when he saw certain actions that should have been taken as the Pres sat on the sideline - the biggest outburst from my uncle coming during hurricane Katrina. Weird.

Peter goes out of his way, sometime going around the block to come back and put some food into a street person’s hands and then will blow his horn and yell and scream at someone who cuts him off in a lane change or some other dumb thing. When I say “I can’t believe you just did that” he laughs and says he may have just saved their life. What’s that about??

One of my favorite things is to secretly sneak in and look at the pictures when Peter comes back from a wedding. He gets the coolest shots and the brides are awesome looking and I think pictures are the coolest part of a wedding. He says the bride gets to keep her dress, the top of the cake, her pictures, and the groom so the pictures are pretty important. I think that is funny, but then again so is my uncle.

(a very flattering personality profile done by a niece. I edited all the “uncle Peter’s to just “Peter” and a few stories out because I know you just would not want to hear them :)
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