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What camera should I buy?
Saturday, February 06, 2016
"hey peter...i like photography and videography (youtube vlogging) and want to sell my macro,landscape and astronomy photos...what camera should i buy?"

This comment/ question was from the YouTube video I did on the Canon 70D. My answer, after looking at all you want to do with the camera  is to go with the Canon 70D. The 70D is excellent with video and does a good job with still images too. If you were to take video completely out of the equation, then I would switch my recommendation to the Nikon D7200.

First blog test
First blog test
Thursday, February 04, 2016
Okay, here goes. I get tons of questions from my YouTube channels and all kinds of places. Most start like: I don't know which camera to get.

Sometimes I feel like saying "get one with a shutter button" - lol.

Well, this isn't a joke session, I really want to see how this blog feature works because it will allow me to interact with subscribers on YouTube, plus people who visit my web pabe.

Regards - Peter