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Take off the lens from your camera and bam . . . your sensor is exposed to possible dirt. The spots can be be dust spots, oil spots, or other stains that can happen to your sensor.

Most camera manuals tell you to send in the camera in to the service department to have the sensor cleaned. You pay shipping, insurance, boxing - both ways. PLUS, the camera may - or may not - be cleaned properly when you get it back. That is called a hassle!

A few years back my main wedding camera was a Nikon D3X. The camera was $8K when it came out, Great camera, but dirty sensor. My other cameras also needed cleaning, same story, same shipping exposure. After that turmoil I invented a safe, easy, and quick method to clean the camera sensor. The worst part of cleaning the sensor is it is a SCARY thing to do! If you scratch the sensor, you can have quite a process on your hands.


The SensorSweep is designed in 2 parts. The four inch tubes that reach down into the sensor chamber is part one. The SensorSweep tube is used over indefinitely designed to make it environmentally friendly. We no longer use plastic, the tube is made from recycled paper. This makes the tube static free, and also is now "green" saving energy and resources. Part two is the special designed CleanerTip. When you are ready to clean your sensor, you easily attach a CleanerTip to the tube and clean your sensor. The SensorSweep is designed to  absorb oil and clean the sensor of dust and other dirt contaminates.

If you haven't used the SensorSweep before, start with one of the smaller package sizes to get acquainted with our product. Because they are a sensitive product that can damage somebody else's sensor, the SensorSweeps are not returnable. You can be assured you are receiving a brand new product straight from our clean-room. Because the CleanerTips are "particle" and oil sensitive, you do not re-use them. Each cleaning session requires fresh CleanerTips straight from the package. But the good news is you can use them other places to your advantage. After cleaning the sensor with the SensorSweep, I use it to clean lenses, eyeglasses, my iPhone LDC or other optic type surfaces after you have used it on your sensor. However please remember - you never use a used CleanerTip on your camera's sensor. Once it is used on the sensor straight from the package, it should never touch a camera sensor again after that cleaning session.

The SensorSweep comes with directions. There is also a fresh new YouTube video showing you how to get your cleaning session started. The directions are easy as pie. Using a hand blower (get a fresh new Rocket Blower) regular (clean of course) household Rubbing Alcohol and the SensorSweep cleaning kit, you clean your DSLR and Mirrorless sensors easy and safely! Watch the newest video below for the latest cleaning method using the newest SensorSweep!

Cleaning your sensor is safe and easy, just approach it carefully like you would cleaning your eyes or ears. It is not an area to be rough or careless, but it works and is purposely created to be an environmentally friendly product. The SensorSweep has been in use since 2006 here in our own studios and wedding work, and has been sold around the world and the USA since 2007. It attacks dirt, dust-bunnies, and oil splatter quickly and safely.

NOTE: You cannot use 99 percent alcohol, and you cannot use any other brand of lens or sensor cleaning solution. They will create a mess on your sensor and will damage the SensorSweep CleanerTips. Take this note seriously, we have seen it happen!
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NEW SensorSweep - With CleanerTip Technology.
Easy & Safe Sensor Cleaning
The SensorSweep is designed to clean the sensor easily, and without the terror of possibly damaging your camera. Just don't throw caution to the wind or be a gorilla about it.

The SensorSweep has a specially invented cushioned CleanerTip Technology designed specifically for camera sensors. Nothing touches your sensor but the special CleanerTip pad. Because of the cushioned CleanerTip technology, you can press gently and know (with sensible caution) you are not going to damage your sensor. There are no hard parts to the CleanerTip, and there are no static inducing components either. Each package contains the special sterile CleanerTips, and 3 SensorSweep tubes. The SensorSweep tubes are 4 inches and designed to help you reach down into the sensor chamber easily. You attach the sterile CleanerTip to the tube following the instructions we give you and then proceed clean your sensor. You cannot re-use the CleanerTips, but the tubes are not discarded, but used over again.
Fast, Easy, and Safe Way To Clean Your Camera Sensor!
Package of 15 $47
Package of 30 $77
Package of 50 $100
• The SensorSweep will clean all full frame, APC, APH, DX, FX and mirrorless cameras.
• The SensorSweep will NOT clean 1" sensor removable lens cameras as the SensorSweep will not fit inside.
• The SensorSweep CAN be used on IBIS stabilization cameras.
• The CleanerTips are good for one use/sitting. I use maybe 1 or 2 CleanerTips to clean my sensors.
• You may find you use more, but that is usually NOT necessary.
• Start with one of the smaller packages to acquaint yourself. (The SensorSweeps are not returnable).
• YES - the SensorSweep will clean oil spots and stains left from most liquid type cleaners.
What Cameras can I clean?
Do NOT reuse the SensorSweep CleanerTips on your sensor after cleaning. Use the used SensorSweep CleanerTip on eyeglasses, lenses, phone LCD screens, camera LCD screen, viewfinder glass and more. (The tube section goes on almost indefinitely)


Cameras that have sensor that move around inside the body to accomplish stabilization can be cleaned with the SensorSweep system. The sensor won't stay still with the camera OFF and you can damage something accidently (we are not responsible, pay attention ;) - just turn the camera ON and then remove the lens. The sensor will lock into place. Then gently clean the sensor. On some cameras the sensor WILL be charged, but this is a non issue. Camera reps have stated this over and over, and this is how they clean the sensors at their service centers.
Some Important Stuff . . .
*Notice: Our legals require us to tell you most manufacturers tell you not to clean your own sensors, plus we are not responsible for any damage you or the sensorSweep may cause your camera or other surfaces. Yes, we believe it is easy and safe to clean it, but you have been given the notice.

Package of 15 $47
Package of 30 $77
Package of 50 $100
Hi Peter!

I was googling "cleaning 5D3 sensor" and I found your youtube video. The idea of breathing into the sensor to lubricate it before cleaning makes a lot of sense as you will get no solid contaminants and will essentially get a layer of distilled water mist on the sensor; much better than using a liquid.

From the video, I clicked on your link!

Great video with very clear explanations that sold me...

Good Morning, Peter -

I found you on the internet when I searched for a way to clean my extremely dirty sensor. First I search "how" and found you on YouTube, then I searched for your product after watching your video. Very entertaining. Love what you do. Keep it up!

God Bless,

Hi Peter,

I had called my local camera shop in Santa Fe, and they said they didn’t clean cameras. They said to send it to Canon. Of course, that’s about the last thing one wants to do - ship an expensive camera (Canon 5D MarkII) and be without it. That’s when I came across your video on You Tube explaining how easy it is to use your Sensorsweep product (providing one is careful).

I was headed out shooting autumn color yesterday and had to do it with a dirty sensor. I tried blowing out the dust, but that didn’t really do the trick.

Mark L.
Hi Peter,

Just wanted to say thank you for your sensor cleaners that I just purchased. They came on Saturday and I used them to clean the sensors on my D7000's.

They worked fantastic and I'm very please with the results. They were so easy to use with great results.

Thank You
Charlie A.

I received and used your sensor swabs last weekend to clean my D7000 Nikon. I am IMPRESSED how fast and easy it was. My sensor was really dirty with lots of dust spots, and the swabs cleaned everything with just two applications. Great product!

Aloha, David
Dear Peter,

It works I just finished a workshop (focusadventures) in Steamboat Springs, Co.

Five days including a shoot in a junk yard; dirty dirty dirty. I had to use 2 (CleanerTips) to clean my Nikon and now my sensor is CLEAN.

Al R.
Hi Peter,

I have successfully removed the oil specs on the right hand side of the image sensor when looking at it, on my Nikon camera with Peter Gregg's Sensorsweep following the instruction exactly and the result is perfect.

I can't see any sign of smears or dust, even with a strong magnifying glass. I then took a few snaps and everything looks as it should be.

I now know that I can confidently keep my camera free of oil blobs when out in the field and know my pictures will be free of black spots. Thank you Peter for making this possible.

Nick - Victoria, Australia